Dear Valued Clients

We're back in the office!

It's wonderful to have the team back in the office together in our Covid-19 safe workplace!   

Holidays in Australia will be the focus for now so we look forward to helping you discover new and exciting places in our great southern land.

We thank all our valued clients for their patience during these difficult months as we continue to work through refunds and credits for all affected travel arrangements.

An enormous amount of work has been done to-date, but we continue to review each and every booking with updated policy changes to ensure everyone achieves the best financial outcome.

We are excited to have recently booked some fabulous Australian holidays for clients who had overseas holidays affected by cancellations. It's so satisfying being creative again and we know that Australia offers endless opportunities for new and different holiday experiences. While we are isolated from the rest of the world there's no better time to enjoy our own backyard.

We will be travelling again, and for travel inspiration we will be posting via facebook and instragram.

Visit our website and join our email database to receive our communications of the latest happenings in travel.

For the most up to date Coronavirus travel advice, please refer to the websites below:

Smartraveller:  A Division of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) provides travel advisories issued by the Australian government

Australian Government Department of Health: Updated daily with the latest medical advice and official reports

The World Health Organisation:  For travel advice and guidance as well as situation reports

Thank you once again for your patience and ongoing support. 

Carmen Patterson, Travel Manager

Proud of our API Travel Team - Winners Two years in a row!